Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Chilly St. Patrick's Day


Yesterday the sun felt nice in the window,

but the truth is, winter tried to come back.

It was a bit chilly outside.
I tried to get some sun in the office window too.

Mom let me stay outside for a bit, but I didn't stay long.

One at a time, the Monday people started arriving.
First Monday Aunt. Then Favorite Uncle.
Then everyone left all of a sudden.
While they were gone, Sarcastic Monday came and 
sat out on the patio.  I stared at her through the window.
Then Mom and the other two returned, but this time
Monday Aunt brought Monday Uncle with her.

Sarcastic Monday gave me some special attention.

Then I curled up on Mom's lap for awhile.

Finally, Favorite Aunt came over too.
Then Monday Aunt and Uncle left.

I went and napped on the box of blankets.

Auntie thought I was so cute she just had to 
take a few pictures of me.

Eventually I went back to my chair to keep
watch for other cats.
I haven't seen them in awhile.

Then Mom spent some time playing with me!

First, I was easily distracted:

Then, my claw got stuck on the string:

So we moved to the couch.

I had a good amount of fun until...

...it happened.

My face when I want to play,

but this blanket is way to cozy!