Thursday, August 1, 2013

Back to Normal!

Okay, so Mom left early again today...
but she says this was the last Thursday she'll do that.
(Sure, she might randomly disappear to the river)

But, for the most part,
things will be back to normal.

I begged her to sit outside with me,
She stopped what she was doing,
dragged her stuff outside and sat with me!

Of course I wanted more.
I wanted to go into the pool area.

(Don't ask why...I just did. Do I need a reason?)

I watched the sunset.

Beautiful as always.

  But after that it was...
I want in.
I want out.
I want in.
I want out.

Mom, watch me eat...

Despite the fact that she said I was
being really annoying,
she still played with me.

(What does, "secret ploy to get me to calm down" mean?)

Because I'm cute,
here's a montage of me playing:

Nothing better than chasing wild goose feathers
in the comfort of your own home!