Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fix This Please!

Today started off much like yesterday:

But, as usual, Mom coaxed me outside.

She let me chew on the tasty plant.

We went on our usual mail/office trip.

My harness was just all kinds of uncomfortable today!

I tried wandering around the clubhouse.

But that harness just kept bugging!

I was ready to go.

Open the door, Mom!
I want to roll on the sidewalk!

Oooh!  This harness!

Mom let me stay outside on the tether
while she did the housework.

But then I saw a bug!
I must gets it!

She released me!

Thanks Mom!

OK, so I just followed it.
But it looked a bit untrustworthy...
if you know what I mean.

Mom went for a swim.
Then Nice Boy came over!

Mom let me outside some more!
(But not on the walk I really wanted!)
I pulled the tether to its limit.

(You can't see me!)

(Drat! Mom used a longer shutter!)

After Daddy came home and Nice Boy left,
Mom and Daddy left me.
Why, exactly, do they get to go on a nighttime walk without me?
(I don't know what "cats aren't allowed in a grocery store" means)

When they came home,
Mom started right to work on my blog.

I've tried not to let her out of my sight all day.
(except when she went where I couldn't follow)
I even insisted, (loudly), on following her into the restroom.

So here I am while she does the blog.
Nice and close to Mom!