Tuesday, August 20, 2013

100th Post

Today was a day like any other.
I woke up:

(This is my groggy face)

After eating my food and acting like I wanted outside,
I got up into my
Ultimate Box of Rebellion!

After a snooze up there,
Mom and I went to get the mail
and stopped off in the office to say 'hi' to New Lady.

Then we enjoyed the outdoors for a bit.

I had a good roll on the sidewalk.

Then Auntie came and took Mom away.
Mom came back smelling like....
yep...the river.

Mom had some things to do in the house, so I helped.

I really wanted to go back outside,
but all Mom did was open a window for me.

(you can just see my glee)

I had pent up energy.
I started in my tunnel...

Then went crazy!

Let's see that again in slow motion!

Yep, I'm silly!

I really couldn't get my mind off going outside.

Mom promises she'll take me later.

In honor of this being my 100th blog post,
I'm going to leave you with a trip down memory lane.
Some of you have been following me on Google+ 
long enough to remember some of these.
For others, it will all be new!

(I don't really know who would be texting me on Auntie's phone)

(No, I'm not really sorry)

(Lucky capture, Mom! Look at the face on that mouse!)

(My epic Mimzy slam dunk!)

(Me vs. Intruder Cat)

And finally...

Thank you for following me everyone!