Friday, August 2, 2013

Good Night for a Walk

Today was good.

Mom and I went to get the mail.
When we stopped by the office,
there was a new lady there.
I'll have to wait and see if I like her.

I enjoyed sitting outside with Mom for a bit.

The teenagers came over.
I let Loud Boy pet me today.
(he felt honored)

After they left, Mom came looking for me.
I was here:

Of course, I didn't stay there.
I asked Mom to take me on a nighttime walk!

She complied with my wishes.

So, this is how my night walks go:

I go out the back door...
and walk around to the front door.

This is me walking by my front door 
and going to the neighbor's door.

No really, Mom, this is our house...

But Mom opens the right door and I go in...

and lead Mom to the back door...

where I start the process all over again.

Which, of course, includes a good roll on the sidewalk.

I have to stop every few steps and smell everything:

This is me in front of the office...

During the day I can't get away from this spot fast enough,
but at night...I don't want to leave!

When Mom does finally drag me home,
I refuse to even go onto the patio,
much less into the house.
(Sorry for the blurry shots)

Stretching my tether as far as it will go...

I do LOVE my nighttime walks!