Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Off Leash, On Leash

Today I was feeling pretty good.

I hid in my tunnel and made Mom think
I was going to jump out at her.
(Joke's on her! I never pounced!)

(Can you see my tail?)

I actually felt like being outside during the day.
Much to my surprise....
Mom let me out off leash!!!

(I was a good boy!)

When the sun started setting,
I just had to roll on the sidewalk!
(without my harness!)

I had a nice piece of plant that just added to 
my enjoyment of the sidewalk:

It was perfect.

Of course, Mom had to leave me for hours again.

While she was gone, I considered 
putting Mimzy in my food bowl...

(Mom called it a "Mimzy Fail")

She came home with one of the Tuesday People.
So I got jealous.
I wandered around the house and 
meowed and moaned.

Eventually I just plopped down on
the living room floor and moaned occasionally.

When our company left I put forth more effort
into telling Mom what I wanted.

  Nighttime walk please!

I wanted it so bad that I actually
accepted the harness!

Yes!  I'll do whatever I have to
if it means going outside!


The great nighttime outdoors!

This is the tether, not the leash.

I'll just wait here for you then?