Saturday, August 3, 2013

Casting Call

Today Mom and Daddy went out somewhere.

I awaited their return here:

When they came home...

I decided to come down.

So, remember Fish Tank: Goldfish season 1?
One of the main characters died,
so we went to find a replacement cast member.
(R.I.P. Gold Leader)

(Pudge is more entertaining anyway...he really makes the show!)

I wasn't really in the mood for a car ride...

I just snuggled close to Mom.

Eventually curiosity got the best of me.

When we got to the pet store I looked at the cats
waiting to be adopted.
(and hissed at them)

What? I shouldn't hiss?

This cute tuxedo kitty had been adopted and was waiting
for his new family to come get him:

This poor kitty is still waiting:
(I hope she finds a good home!)

I checked out the cat trees.

(I wasn't impressed)

So many people came up to me
and told me how cute I was!

While Mom and Daddy were reviewing the 
casting options in the fish area
I made myself comfortable and waited patiently.

Then we went home!
I recognize this neighborhood!
This is me getting excited to be home:

I know the way from here, Mom!

Of course, as soon as I got home
I wanted to go outside!

I had a good roll on the sidewalk.

I sat outside for a long time!

While Mom introduced the new actor to the old cast...

(Hey, I know it's a big name for a small fish, but he's twice the size of Pudge!)