Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Definitely NOT a Frog!

This is getting to be habit for me:

But, as usual, Mom coaxed me down and we went to get the mail.
There was somebody sitting there having a conversation
in front of the mailboxes with their car running.
Not my idea of safe.

So Mom took me into the office first!
New Lady was there!
She's going to need a new name soon, 
because she scratched me under my jaw right in that sweet spot!
I think I really like her!

While she and Mom talked,
I just hung out.

Then it was to the mailbox!
On the way back we went right past the office doors.

Mom sat outside with me after that and ate her lunch.

I decided I needed to search for that critter again by the fountain.

I couldn't find it, so I went back and sat on the patio with Mom.

But then!

Mom went into the house real quick,
and before she could get back, I had done it!
I caught the critter!

I couldn't wait to show it to Mom!
So I brought it into the dining room!

I am so proud!

Then Daddy came home for a break right in time to see it!

I was a bit confused, though.
They told me I was good,
but they made a big fuss and took it away and cleaned the floor.

But now they started calling me a new name.
I think it's a badge of honor!

I went outside and enjoyed my catnip!

(wait...sudden itch!)

I had a good roll on the catnip covered patio.

I got it all over me!
It felt so good!

But then Daddy left.
And then Mom left.
They were gone for hours,
but they came back together.

I had been lonely,
so, yes, I put Mimzy in the food bowl.

But since they're home now...

I would really like a nighttime walk.

I see your hand on the door knob, Mom!
Turn it already!

After all, I'm a Mouser now!
I should get whatever I want!