Saturday, August 17, 2013

Good Caturday

Today was pleasant.

I woke up feeling pretty good!

Nice lazy afternoon!

I enjoyed the great outdoors...
Mom even let me go to the tasty plant.

It's starting to grow back.

Mmmm...yeah, this is good stuff!

Then the wind picked up and I went inside.
I took a good long nap in my
Ultimate Box of Rebellion!

(If you don't know, it's on top of the cabinet above the refrigerator)

Mom was on the phone with Grandma for a long time.
She let me talk to her for a bit.

I can hear her, but I can't smell her.
Is this really a person, Mom?
(doubting tone)

Once the sun started setting I went outside again.
The pool gate was open...
but I couldn't reach.

So I watched the sunset instead.

I went inside again and Mom played tag with me!
We haven't done that in a while!
(I started it!)

I get a bit rambunctious in the evenings,
so now I want to go back outside!

See ya!