Saturday, August 31, 2013

Pros and Cons

Today I continued my routine.

But Mom and Daddy had other plans.
Mom put my car harness on.
Look at the glee on my face!

I was not happy to be in the car.
I meowed.
A lot.

We went to a pet store.
Look how excited I am to be here.

There were too many dogs there,
even in the cat section!
So I stayed in my Traveling Bag.

Mom and Daddy bought me new toys.
But I was unaware.

Then we went to get food for Mom and Daddy.
I sat in the car with Mom while Daddy went inside.
I pouted.

Then we sat outside while they ate.
I continued to pout.

And pout.

And when we finally got back in the car...

My mood didn't change.

We went to pick up one of the Monday People.
Then finally...

Almost home! Almost home! Almost home!

It was then that Mom showed me my new toys!

Yep!  Typical of this family!

I like these toys.


And there was this one too!

I'm happy.
This is good.

Of course,
Outside is best.