Sunday, August 11, 2013

I Want More!

Today was disappointingly uneventful.
(I had yesterday to compare it to after all)

At one point Mom took me outside
because Daddy had graciously offered to vacuum.

At first I was wondering what was up.

Then I started to hear the vacuum 
and my trusty cat logic kicked in.

I wanted to hide!
So where's the first place I try to go?

Let me in!  Let me in!
(Don't tell me that's where the vacuum monster is!
Your words are meaningless to me, Human!)

(Give me a break!  I was in panic mode.)

I calmed down eventually and waited.

Finally it was all over.
Daddy came out and sat with us.

It was a beautiful day!

After yesterday's grand adventure,
I wanted more!

But instead,
Mom and Daddy left for a few hours.

It was dark when they got back.
If you've read this blog at all recently,
you know what I want once it gets dark.


It's all I can think about!

Mom tried to get me to play...

One track mind here, Mom!

So, until she finishes typing my blog,
I'm going to pace around the door and 
meow and moan incessantly.