Monday, August 12, 2013

Missed it by That Much

Today was good,
but I was a bit moody anyway.

Mom got me ready to go check the mail.
You can just see my enthusiasm:

But, as usual, Mom got her way.

We stopped off in the office to visit Nice Lady.
She was busy and we had to wait.
I was anxious and just wanted to go home.

No, really Mom...
I want to go home!

Finally we got to say hi to Nice Lady
and I got to go home!

I spent quite awhile just sitting and looking
at the great outdoors from just inside.

I didn't like the look, or sound, of the sky.

But eventually I took the brave step and sat...
just outside.

Mom finally coaxed me into being more adventurous.

The sun decided to come out for a bit...

So I ventured onto the sidewalk for a good roll.

Mom brought my feathers out so we could play.

She got frustrated because all my good jumps
were just out of frame.
(my plan from the beginning)

Out of frame...

out of frame...

not quite...

Best jump EVER!!!!
(out of frame)
(Did you see how high I was?)

After a good play,
Daddy came home for a break.
Then Loud Boy rode a bike over.

(I say "a" bike because Loud Boy's bike got stolen on his birthday! So he borrows one)

After Mom and Loud Boy watched their show together,
he tried to get me to play with him.

Uhh....  nope.

Finally the sun set and all was quiet again!

I hope Mom takes me on a nighttime walk!