Saturday, August 10, 2013

River Trail Adventure

Today I had the feeling Mom and Daddy were
planning to take me somewhere.

Sure enough,
they put me in my Traveling Bag.

They went to get something to eat.
I wasn't too excited about that.

I was bored, so I decided to try to nap.
(It is daytime after all)

Then we went home!

But much to my surprise,
my adventure was just beginning!

Mom and Daddy just did a couple of things at home...
then off we went again!

I thought we were going to the park,
but we kept walking.
We walked along the river.

At first, the trail was dusty.

But still rather close to the water!

Mom carried me much of the way.

As we continued,
things got prettier!

I couldn't believe how far we were going!

(Are you sure about this, Mom?)

Finally we stopped at this grassy place:

The water made me a little nervous.

So I sat under the table near Daddy.

After a while, I got curious and decided to explore a bit.

I'm a kitty in the wild!

On the way back up the trail,
I wanted to do a lot of exploring!

I remembered to stop and smell the flowers.

Does this count as climbing a tree?

I really like this spot.

I prefer climbing on rocks.
What's in here?

I want to climb higher!

I'm king of the mountain!

We were out there for hours!

This is a nice view.

Hey, that's the place at the park I usually go to!

(It looks so far away)

By the time we got back to the car it was
getting pretty dark.

Nighttime car ride!
Hey...this is home!

I had a great time on my adventure,
but I was happy to be home!


Nighttime walk?