Sunday, August 25, 2013

They're Home!

In case you haven't heard,
My Mom and Daddy left me on Friday.
I saw what they were doing....
Before going to my Box of Rebellion
I hid under the chair in the living room.





They went here:


They left me with some guy I didn't know.
I mean, he was vaguely familiar.
But I mostly hid in my room or sat in the window.

When Mom and Daddy came home I was hiding under the chair in my room.

But since I heard them calling me, I came out.

Mom missed me!

She took me outside!
I hadn't been outside in DAYS!
She took me for a walk!

She brought home things with smells on them!

Then she let me off the tether and I got to roll on the sidewalk!

I missed this!

She tried to entice me to go on a longer walk,
But this roll felt way too good!

No, Mom, I'm good here thanks!

I smelled more things.
The catnip was nice.

I went looking for that frog.

Mom didn't even make me come in for brushing!
She came to me!

I really needed that!

Thanks for getting that off me, Mom!

Then the clouds got noisy.

So we came in.

Mom snuggled in for an afternoon nap.
I missed her so much I actually snuggled up with her!

I'm so happy they're home!