Thursday, August 29, 2013


Today started off like every other day this week.

But, as usual, I eventually got myself going.

I sat outside with Mom before going to get the mail.

I couldn't take my eyes off that spot where I found the mouse.

But we went to the office and I wandered around
while Mom visited Nice Lady.
I had wandered into one room and could see Mom through the doors.
I meowed at her,
but I didn't actually want to go that way.

As soon as we were back outside,
I went toward that spot!
Where there is one mouse, there's sure to be another!

I waited patiently.

Every once in a while I thought I saw something move
and tried to sneak up on it.

But nothing.

Still... It's all I can think about.

(What does "obsess" mean?)

But Mom eventually left me.
She set up the camera to try to catch me putting Mimzy in the food bowl
while she was gone.
But I waited until the camera shut off.


Nice try Mom!

When she came home,
Dad came soon after.
And I was back outside as quick as I could to watch that spot!

But all I found was a bug.

Yep. This is tasty too.