Thursday, August 22, 2013

Something's Not Right Here

Last night Creeper Cat was outside!

I did my best to scare him off.


Today was mediocre.
We had thunderstorms.
Afterward there were a lot of smells,
so I went for a short walk before getting the mail.

We visited Nice Lady and New Lady in the office.
I made myself at home.

Can I get this harness off, Mom?

I was so relaxed that I started to play with my leash!

I even backed up to get a good pounce in!

When we went back outside,
I realized the ground was too wet for a good roll.

Well this is disappointing!

So I just sat outside with Mom.

Then the Teenagers came over!
(What's up with people coming over on the wrong day?)

One of the girls played with me.
That was nice.

But in the end they all ignored me.
I wanted more attention.
I wanted to go outside.
I wanted...I wanted...
I'm just not happy!

Mom tells me something I don't want to hear.
Tomorrow she's leaving me!
She'll be away from wifi even, so she won't be able 
to do the blog for a couple of days!

So, she's telling me that not only will she not be here to shower
me with attention...
but my internet friends won't be able to either?!
I am Winchester Feline, and I am not pleased.