Friday, August 30, 2013

I'd Like to Complain

Today was....

usual at first.

I still think there's another mouse in that plant.

I was trying to find it,
when the upstairs neighbor came out and talked to me.

We made the usual mail run.
I wandered around the clubhouse area while Mom talked to New Lady.

(waddle waddle)

I thought about working out...

HAHAHAA! Yeah, right!
As if I'd ever do that!

The Teenagers came over.

They were loud.
I wanted Mom to pay attention to me,
so I was loud too.

I meowed and meowed.
She'd pay attention to me briefly...

I gave up after a while.

There were six Teenagers here at one point!

They were here for HOURS!

I decided to sit in the back window and ignore them.

Eventually they started leaving one by one.
And I got to go outside!

Now it's just Mom, Daddy and Nice Boy.
I bet he'll leave soon too.
(I'll miss him)