Monday, August 19, 2013

Is This Really Monday?

Today was pretty good.

After getting the mail,
Mom and I went to visit Nice Lady in the office.
At first I just wanted to go home...

But then I started to relax and wander around.

I was curious about everything.

Oh!  Hello Nice Lady!

I was totally calm and cool...


When we got home,
I got to just chill outside with Mom.

But then Mom went inside to do housework.
I didn't want to be out there alone!
So I sat in the dining room and waited.

Then she took me outside again and we played!

Then the Tuesday People came over....

I guess I have to start calling them the 
Monday People.

I wanted to go outside while they were here.
This is me waiting patiently:

OK, so photos are deceiving.
I wasn't behaving in a patient manner 

The truth is... I was vocal, restless, and very impatient!

Come on, Humans!  It's time for me to get what  I want!