Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lazy Sunday

Today was a nice normal day.

I lazed in the bedroom window...

The sun feels nice.

I sat outside with Mom and Daddy.

Auntie and Uncle came over.
I got moody for a bit.

They all left for a few hours.
When they came back they smelled like....
..not river....Mom said 'lake'.

I was in a pretty good mood when they got home.

I settled down with them for a bit.

I sat and watched a movie with my family.

But I couldn't sit still for too long.
Hey, it's nighttime after all!
I want to go out!

I wasn't happy about not getting what I want.

When that happens I get feisty!

Eventually I always get my way!

At least, that's how I like to remember it.