Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hissy Fit

Today Mom and Daddy left.

I was lonely.
Here's the evidence.

They came home.
Mom took a nap, Daddy left.
Daddy came back and took Mom away.
Then they were gone FOREVER!

When they finally came back,
Auntie and Uncle were with them and they all smelled like the river.
I was alone all day, so I expected to be spoiled when they got home.

But, Mommy went straight into the hot tub.
Auntie started to take me for a walk.
But when I tried to climb on the rocks, she stopped me.
I hissed at her.
I hissed at her more than once.
Then she put me back in the house and left me with my leash still on.
Then Uncle took my leash off.
Later, Uncle tried to put me on the tether outside, but I hissed at him too.
He scolded me.


I pouted.

Everyone came in the house finally and ate dinner.
I just claimed a chair and sulked.

Eventually Mom came and tried to cheer me up.

She got out one of my new toys!
(The Falcon)

THIS is what I wanted!

Thanks Mom!

She played with me until I was tired!

Then she put the Falcon on my scratching post.

I couldn't resist.

I'm still sad.
But at least I know Mom loves me.
Maybe tomorrow will be better.