Monday, September 2, 2013

A Better Day

Something was different today.
Daddy stayed home.
But that didn't change my routine.

Mom and Daddy enticed me to come down and go outside.
It was nice to have them both there.
I enjoyed some tasty plant.

I rolled on the sidewalk and enjoyed the day.

Mom even brought some toys out and played with me!

I had fun!

Sneak Attack!

But then they left me and went to the river again.

And again I present you with the evidence of my loneliness:
Mimzy never leaves me.

Mom and Daddy returned with a new chair.
It smelled like the river.
I like it.

Only half of the Monday People showed up tonight.
Sweet Monday, (formerly Sweet Tuesday), greeted me properly.
I like her.

But I couldn't help notice it was now nighttime.
All I can do is look outside.
I want to go there.

Please Mom!