Friday, September 20, 2013

Social Day

Today was too social.

I started it off by playing with my tail.

Then Mom got me ready to go to the mailbox
and out we went.

She talked to New Lady in the office for too long.
I wandered around and meowed until she finally got the hint.

At last she let me outside and I got in a good roll on the sidewalk.

After that I was bored while Mom did housework.

the Teenagers came over!
There were so many of them!

sorry for the blurry photo

 So I just sat in the window and tried my best to ignore them.
But Loud Boy kept trying to make friends with me.
(He's getting more tolerable)

They stayed for hours!
I got tired of sitting.

Mom gave me Mimzy for comfort.

Thanks Mom.
Now that all but 2 are gone, can we play?
Or maybe a nice nighttime walk?