Monday, September 23, 2013

Strings and Things

started off with a good roll on the sidewalk.

Followed by a trip to the mailbox as usual.
Then we visited Nice Lady in the office.
I waited patiently in Mom's lap until...

she let me off the hook.

I wandered around until Mom said it was time to go.

waddle waddle waddle
As soon as I got outside again
I went right back to rolling on the sidewalk.

But Mom needed to get her work done,
so we went inside.

So I decided to play.

Mostly I played with the string on Mom's jacket.

I played with it for a long time!

Then I realized Mom was filming me.
I wanted to keep playing,
but....but....the camera...

After a long pause,
I gave in.

This was just too much fun!

Then Daddy came home and I went up into
my Ultimate Box of Rebellion...

But I didn't settle down right away.
There was a bug.

After I killed it I tried to take a nap.

Then the Monday People came over.

Now I just have to sit around until Mom pays attention 
to ME again.

Well...maybe not sit...I'm too restless.