Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Winchester Whiner

Today I started off super sweet.
I was using Mom's knee for a pillow.

Then I moved in front of the window.
A clear demonstration that my tail moves non-stop.

When I got up my bratty attitude went into full swing.

I wanted outside.
But it didn't happen fast enough,
so I started to go up into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.
Mom tried to stop me by opening the door.
Of course, I couldn't make her think I was happy about that.
I went into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion anyway.
For about 1 minute.
Then I went outside.

After awhile I came in.
I didn't wait for Mom to take my harness off,
I just jumped up into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.
She had to climb onto a stepladder to try to get it off me.
Of course, I stayed just out of reach.
She was only able to get it part-way off.
So she said this was going in my blog and went to get the camera.
I came close enough to let her finish the job.

Harness half on, half off

 And, of course, once she had finally succeeded in getting it off,
I snuck back outside without it.

She caught on and tethered me.


She was trying to get housework done and decided I was being too much trouble.
So she made me come in.
I was hyper, but at least I had a bunch of new toys to play with.

Chewbacca Mouse!

OH! Mom's filming, stop being cute!

She did let me out a bit to watch the sunset.

But then it was back indoors.
I was not about to give in!
I meowed and meowed and meowed!
Daddy came home and I tried meowing at him too.
I was relentless!

Let me OUT!

Um...Door's still not open!

Stop filming and let me OUT!

I win!
They took me out for a nighttime ride!

This will appease me....
for a little while anyway.