Wednesday, September 25, 2013


After yesterday,  I couldn't get any good sleep.

Today didn't start off very good either.
There was a loud machine outside.
I hid under the bed for hours.

When I finally got up,
I went into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

But I couldn't even stay up there for long.
Every time Mom opened the refrigerator or freezer
I got nervous and jumped back down.

Outside wasn't any better.

Once again, it was cloudy.

And as I wandered out to the tasty plant I felt unsettled.

It looks like I'm stalking something...

but really there are smells and sounds making me nervous.

Then Mom left me.

I couldn't even enjoy the amazing sunset.

When Daddy came home I meowed and meowed.
Then I pouted.
Finally Daddy went to get Mom.
When they got home I began my incessant meowing again.

I don't care if it's cold outside, Mom!

I'm going to pout until you take me for a nighttime walk!