Sunday, September 8, 2013

Play With Me!

 Today Mom and Daddy left for a while in the morning.
There was no one to watch over me while I eat except Mimzy.

When they returned, 
the whole family was feeling a bit lazy.
I took my usual position above the fridge.

Mom and Daddy sat outside,
so I eventually joined them.

The day was pretty nice.

But ultimately it was slightly windy so I retreated 
back to my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

As time passed I got rambunctious.
Daddy took pity on me and played for a bit.

Then Mom took over for a little bit.

Then I played by myself...

I wanted Mom and Daddy to play more.
But they were done.
I sat on the couch behind Mom.
I made my attitude clear.

Ummm...I still want to play!

I gave up and settled in the armchair.

Don't let my calm demeanor fool you.
I started attacking my toys again.

More play please!