Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Simple Pleasures

This morning Mom woke up to find me actually
sleeping on her legs!
She was happy.
It's not like I wanted to snuggle or anything...
I just wanted to steal some of her warmth.

So I made sure I was just out of reach.

I wasn't really eager to get up either.
Today was wet.

I thought we should stay in bed all day, but Mom had other ideas.

We made our usual trip to the mail box.
New Lady and Nice Lady were both there.
So were the Maintenance Guys....I'm not used to them.
So I was eager to leave.

Walk faster Mom!

When we got home I had to fix my fur.
It had been drizzling outside after all.

I stood at the door and considered going back outside.

I tested it.

I sniffed around the patio.

And then I went inside.

I remained here for quite some time.

Then, one by one, at odd times, 
three of the Teenagers came over.

I decided I wanted to sit with Mom.

All the humans acted really surprised.

I took a brief nap.
This time within Mom's reach.

But after awhile I became restless.
I started wandering around the house
meowing my discontent.

Eventually the Teenagers went home.
To my surprise Mom actually took me for
a nighttime walk!

This is great!

Now I can be content at home for the rest of the night!