Sunday, September 15, 2013


Today I felt like pushing my boundaries.

Mom was not pleased.
She made me go inside.
So I decided to take a nap.

My tail had other ideas...

You can see I'm slowly dozing off,
but my tail just doesn't quit.

I finally held it down so I could sleep.

After a good nap,
I moved to the window.

Then it was back outside to test my boundaries.
I started off pretending to behave.

Then I crept forward...

I played it cool.

I made myself comfortable on the sidewalk.

Then I pushed my boundary further...

Again...Mom was not pleased.
This was, after all, my second offense of the day.

She tethered me.

I made the best of it.

Mom left with Sarcastic Monday.
While she was gone, I tested Daddy's patience.
Uncle and Auntie came over.
I misbehaved.

Finally Mom came home.
Everyone ratted me out.
Mom scolded me a bit,
but she was understanding and played with me to get my wiggles out.
Even so, I sensed she was unhappy about the way I behaved 
while she was gone.
So I curled up behind her on the couch.

I'm sorry I was such a brat today, Mom.

I'll be better tomorrow.