Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Still Moody

Last night, while Mom was trying to sleep,
I meowed and meowed!
Normally she understands that meow,
but for some reason she just didn't get it.
I was trying to say "watch me eat"
all she heard was "let me out"
Since she refused to get out of bed, I settled for Mimzy.

I started my day the usual way...

We went to check the mail,
but I totally freaked out today!
Maybe it was the wind combined with people being out,

When we got back to the house Mom helped me work out my
frustrations with playtime.

Then I took a nice nap while Mom ate lunch.

after calming down I went outside to enjoy some tasty plant.

But eventually she still left me.
She was gone for more than 3 hours!
I couldn't even enjoy the spectacular sunset!

But when she came home Daddy was with her.
So that was nice.

I immediately asked to go outside!

They didn't let me.
So I settled down for another nap.

I stayed here until I saw Mom get up to do the blog.
Now I'm whining.

And whine I shall until she takes me for a nighttime walk!