Friday, September 6, 2013


Today was pretty good.

Instead of going to my Ultimate Box of Rebellion,
I started here, in my tunnel:

Then Mom and I went outside to get the mail,
but I quickly discovered that it was windy.

Hmmm...are you sure about this Mom?
I don't like the wind.

She carried me.
We stopped off in the office as usual.
New Lady was there...she still needs a name.

Mom let me wander around.

What's outside this window?

OK, that's just weird.
Why is there a pool of moving water outside?

When we got back home Mom started doing housework.
Then Loud Boy came over.

I took comfort in the dining room window.

But then I actually let Loud Boy pet me....sort of.
He was so happy.
He said his life would be complete if I decided to be friends with him.
I heard him say it! 

I even let him play with me!
We played Falcon in the Time Vortex.
It was fun!

But eventually the rest of the Teenagers came over.
I just stared at them from the safety of the dining room window.

They started watching their program.
But Mom still gave me attention.

Of course I really wanted outside.
It's nighttime now, after all!

To my surprise, Mom let me!

It's nice and dark out here!
So peaceful!

After awhile the Teenagers all left.
I watched them leave from the window.

Now Daddy's home and I think I heard the words
'nighttime ride'!
Car windows are good to look out of at night!