Monday, September 9, 2013


Today I wanted to stay close to Mom.

Where she went, I went.
And I wanted her to go where I went.

Except, of course...I didn't want to go to the mail box.

But when she sat outside I was there.

I stayed on the patio until she stepped off.
Then I followed.
I rolled on the sidewalk!

I followed her to the tasty plant.

(I stretch and walk at the same time...I do this all the time,
but Mom is never lucky enough to catch it on camera)

Mmmm...tasty plant!
Stay close Mom!

When she went back into the house,
I went up to my Box of Ultimate Rebellion.
Still close to Mom.

Eventually one of the Monday People, (I'll call her Monday Aunt), came over.
They watched some Doctor Who, then
 Monday Aunt left for a while.
Mom put all my things in weird places.
My tunnel was up on the chairs.

My Time Vortex was folded and put in the cat trap.

Then the evil vacuum cleaner came out!

That set me on edge.
How could you Mom?

Then more Monday People came over.

Sweet Monday left her sandals on the floor.

Mom just had to mess with me.

Total betrayal, Mom!

How could you?
After I was being so loving today?

I decided I wanted to go out into the night after that.
I was happy to let Mom put my harness on me.

Then it was outside time!

But eventually I got lonely.
I wanted Mom to sit outside with me,
but she wouldn't.
She stayed inside with the Monday People.
Daddy brought me in the house.
He's paying attention to me.

You hear that, Mom?