Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Place

Today started off nice and easy.
Mom and Daddy slept in.
But then...
IT appeared.
The dreaded vacuum cleaner.

After I hid for a bit while that machine made noise,
I began to relax again.

Then Mom and Daddy left for awhile.
They came back right about sunset and let me outside.

But then...
Mom put the car harness on me.
I wasn't happy.

We went to some place I'd never been before to watch the sunset.
And what a sunset it was!

After Mom took pictures, she let me wander.
I checked all the windows.

I began to pick up some faint scents.
Familiar scents.
I think Mom comes here.
I can smell the Teenagers too.

I could even smell Monday Uncle at this door:

It started to rain, so I took a brief break.

Then I started to explore all around the building.

Then that guy that comes and takes Mom away
every Wednesday showed up.
He not only greeted Mom and Daddy...
he came over and greeted me.
He knew my name!

There was so much to see and smell here!
I didn't want to go home!
I smelled the plants...

I wandered everywhere Mom would let me.

Eventually Mom insisted it was time to go.
But at least we took our time getting there.

I got to enjoy a nighttime ride!