Friday, September 13, 2013


Today I didn't want to leave the bedroom window.

But Mom left the room and didn't come back.
She had left the outside door open,
but that didn't stop me from jumping up into my 
Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

Of course, I eventually gave in and went outside.

Mom got me to play....briefly.

I stalked something...
until a skater went by and scared me.

I rolled on the sidewalk...
until I heard a noise.

I ate some tasty plant...
until Mom walked too far away.

I smelled something strange in the rocks...
until I realized I was out in the open.

I enjoyed the spot under the patio table...
until the upstairs neighbor made a noise.

I sat on the grass...
until the other upstairs neighbors made a lot of noise.

I made Mom watch me every time I ate.

Then, the Teenagers came over.

So I sat in the window and ignored them the best I could.

I watched Loud Girl leave.

I thought maybe it was a bit more safe.

I even sat outside with them for a bit.

But then Loud Boy decided to stalk me all night.
Even the window wasn't safe.

Now they're all gone except Nice Boy
and I'm sitting calmly in the window.

So...Nighttime walk?
I've earned it!