Sunday, September 22, 2013

Nighttime Walk

Today was very uneventful.
But night...that's a different story.

Last night there was the rare event of me snuggled up against Mom.

Today I slept mostly.
Or sat on the back of the couch.

I did take some time to look outside.

But even that was half-hearted.

Until nightfall.

Mom let me out on the tether,

but of course, I wanted more.
So Mom took me for a nighttime walk!

It was a little windy outside.
I could feel the autumn nip in the air.

So many smells on the wind!
It was exhilarating!

I rolled around in my usual nighttime roll spot.
It's different than my daytime spot.

Mom wanted to go a different direction than I did.
So I meowed my complaint.
She picked me up.
So I meowed louder, twisted around in her arms and gave her such a look!
She hissed at me and told me to behave.
I was a good boy after that.

I guess we hadn't checked the mail yesterday,
so that's where she wanted to go.

I had thought she was going to make me come home,
but we stayed out longer!

I smelled other animal scents along the way.

Then Mom let me stay out longer on the tether.

So now I'm ready to snuggle inside...