Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Uneasy Beginnings

Today I was on edge.
There was just something about today that made me uneasy.

I went where I felt safe, but could still keep a look out.

But, as usual, Mom tried to coax me outside.

I was considering it...
until I heard a skateboard go by on the road.

I ran all the way to my bedroom and hid under a chair.

I can still see down the hall from here, but I feel safe.

Mom made me come outside anyway.

She said we needed to go get the mail.
We made the usual run and stopped in the office to talk to Nice Lady.

It took me awhile, but I started to calm down.
When we got home,
I retreated back into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

Harness still on...

Later I wanted to play,
but Mom didn't pick up on it.

Instead, Sarcastic Monday (formerly Sarcastic Tuesday) showed up.
She and Mom left me.

I got lonely...

Mimzy will watch me eat in Mom's absence.

When Mom came home she smelled like the River Trail.

I wish I could've gone with her.

At least she was quick to let me outside!

Maybe the rest of the night will be good.