Thursday, September 5, 2013

Melancholy Day

Today a big storm front blew in, it made me feel insecure.

It passed pretty quickly, so I ventured out a bit.

We went on our usually trip to the mailbox.
Mom started filming my waddle again.
I gave her a look.

When we got home I just wanted to stay close to Mom.
I followed her around the house everywhere she went.

Then Nice Boy came over for a couple of hours.
When he left it was nighttime, so I really wanted to go out too!

He won that battle.

So I watched him go from the window.

Daddy came home right after that.
I was feeling better, so Mom played with me.

But I was still a little melancholy, so I didn't play long.

Early today Mom had noticed a mark on my nose.
She seems more worried about it than I am.
She keeps asking me what happened.
As if I could tell her.

I just need some love, Mom..

and maybe a nighttime walk?