Saturday, September 7, 2013

Uneventful Day

This morning, while Mom was in the shower,
I decided to go ahead and eat without her supervision.

I started my day in my tunnel again.
I wasn't eager to go get the mail.

But Mom and I made the usual run.
Then she stood around outside.
I guess she was waiting for people.
Daddy was gone.
That usually doesn't happen on Caturday.
I just watched from afar.

No way was I going out there during the day!

But eventually Nice Boy showed up and soon afterward
Daddy came home too.
I went up into my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

But, to my surprise, they left and didn't take me with them!
They were gone for hours!
I was so lonely!
When they got back, Mom started making dinner.
I wanted to go outside...but I didn't want to be alone!
Fortunately Mom understood and she and Nice Boy 
sat outside with me for a bit.

Today was so uneventful!
But I think that was good.
Daddy decided to take a nap on the sofa after dinner.
I thought that sounded nice, so I ACTUALLY joined him!

I think this is a first...
or at most a second.
Feel privileged, Daddy.  Feel privileged.