Saturday, September 14, 2013

Bored Doesn't Begin to Cover It

Today got off to a nice slow start.

From my spot by the window, I went to my spot in the closet.
From my spot in the closet I made the big leap to...

My Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

Then Mom and Daddy left me alone in the house.
I played with Mimzy while they were gone.
I brought her all the way down the hall and played with her on the couch.

I left her there for Mom to find when she got home.
That way she would know exactly how bored I had been!

It worked!  When she got home she let me outside right away!

She and Daddy sat outside with me for awhile.

I lounged on the sidewalk.

Of course, what I really wanted was a nighttime walk!

To my surprise,
Mom put my leash on...

and walked me!

But it was way to brief!
So I sat behind Mom on the couch and looked as pitiful as I could.

Mom opened a window for me.

It's nice, but not enough!