Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Frightful Day

Today started off just fine.
It was pretty normal.

Mom and I went outside.
I sat under the patio table.

Then we went to get the mail.

Then, when we got back I sat under the table some more.

Then Mom called me inside while she went to the restroom.
I got lonely quick!  As soon as she closed the door I meowed and meowed.
I even brought Mimzy down the hall to wait for her with me.

But all went bad!
Mom wasn't in there for long, but it happened so fast!

A kid started going by again and again on a skateboard.

Mom opened the door just to film the villain.

I got scared!
Mom called and called to me
until she found me under the bed.

She tried to comfort me.
But I wasn't about to come out!
Then, of all things, Mom had to leave me!

When I got brave enough to come out,
I brought Mimzy into the bedroom with me.

I couldn't wait for Mom and Daddy to come home!

Finally! The came back!
I was SO happy to see them!

Mom gave me some love!

Daddy said something about going outside!
So Mom got my harness.
I was actually eager to get it on!

I purred and rubbed against my harness of all things!

Then they sat outside with me to enjoy the warm night.

Now my favorite Aunt and Uncle are here too.
I'm sure glad things got better!