Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to the New Place

Today was different.

Mom got me ready to go get the mail.
I was reluctant.

But I still went outside.

We made the usual visit to the office.

Right when we got home,
Nice Boy showed up.
I just wanted to stay with Mom.

Nice Boy was going to take her away.
To my surprise they took me with them!

Went went back to that place Mom and Daddy took me to
a few days ago.

I got to go inside!
This time the Teenagers were there as 
well as that guy that takes Mom away on Wednesdays.

We hung out in a strange room.
There was a window just my height.

Loud Boy was there.
I was actually content to let him hold me.

But I went back to that window.

I really liked it!

Then I found this great spot where I felt secure 
and could still see the whole room!

When we went home we didn't get in Nice Boy's loud car...
we rode in a different car with Loud Boy and his nice sister.
He was happy to have me half on his lap.

When we got home Daddy was there.
Then Monday Aunt showed up.

Now they're watching their show and I'm bored.

Hello, Mom!
Nighttime walk please!