Thursday, September 12, 2013


Today had all the appearances of being normal.

Then Nice Boy came over as I was sitting in my
Ultimate Box of Rebellion.
Then Mom started breaking ice out of the ice trays.
So naturally I jumped down and ran into the bedroom to hide.

Then Mom and Nice Boy left, came back, and left again.
This time for hours!

When Mom came home she sat outside with me.
I was feeling a bit insecure.
At first I sat under the chair on the right...

Then I moved close to Mom....

When I felt comfortable enough,
I sat in my usual spot under the patio table.

Then two little girls came over and tried to make friends with me.
I was shy.
I went inside for awhile and missed the sunset.

But then I got brave and came outside to meet them.
After they went home I was adventurous.

But then I went and sat on the neighbor's patio and Mom made me come in.
All I could think about was going back outside.

Then, finally!
She let me back outside!

The security guard came by and tried to make friends with me.
He's been doing this almost every night for 2 months.
I'm making him work for it.

Then I hollered for Mom's help.
I saw a bug!
I huge flying bug!

Mom! I can't reach it! Help!
It got away, but I'm going to keep checking that corner anyway.