Friday, September 27, 2013


Today was a bit rainy,
so I wanted to stay snuggled in bed.

But when Mom got up I made my move to
my Ultimate Box of Rebellion.

Then we took our usual walk.

After a little while the Teenagers came over.

I did my best to make Mom pay attention to me instead.

Are you following me Mom?

I need some more food!

I nervously watched the Teenagers from the dining room window.

I eventually settled down in the armchair.

But then all the Teenagers came to me.
Sometimes I'm just too cute for my own comfort.

After they watched their show I became very restless.

I kept climbing on and off of the window sill.

I couldn't sit still.

Now they're all gone.
I'd better get some playtime!
And, of course, a nighttime walk!