Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Yesterday Mom and Daddy took me for a car ride 
to try out combining the box with my new seatbelt.

At first I was next to the window.
Although I like to see out, I didn't like this arrangement.

For one thing, I get nervous when a big truck goes 
next to my window.

I complained a lot.

So when we stopped someplace, Daddy went inside 
and Mom moved me to the middle of the backseat.

I must admit, it was pleasant sitting in the car with Mom;
windows down, breeze bringing in lots of scents.

After that I was much happier.

Although, I had trouble deciding between my 
up and down sitting positions.

That is, until we got really close to home.
Then I became all excited.

This was when I wanted my box next to the window.

After we got home, it was time to enjoy the patio.

There was, however, the small matter of some birds that caught my eye.

Now, I know I'm not supposed to go over to the 
neighbors' rocks.


...the birds.

I was unaware that Mom was watching me 

Until finally she yelled at me:

I made the decision to ignore her.
Unfortunately, the birds flew away.

You can see the subtle disappointment in my movements.

Sure, Mom was still hollering at me, 
but so what?
I was now in full disobedient mode.

So she came to me.

I was good for awhile.
Then I saw a bird again!

She was not happy that time!

I ran back so fast that 
she didn't even have time to focus the camera.

Well, needless to say, I got the tether after that.

Then Angel came out!

You might notice the grey tabby next to her,
but I don't care about him.
Quite frankly, the feeling's mutual.

Now, that gorgeous calico on the other hand...

...she commands my attention!

The rest of my day consisted of the Monday People 
coming over and me ignoring them.

Also, I was denied a nighttime reconnaissance.