Sunday, September 7, 2014

Caturday Night

Yesterday I did nothing.
Well, mostly nothing.

When evening came I enjoyed a good
roll on the sidewalk.

Then Mom and Daddy got it in their heads to go for a car ride.

We went into a human store.

Then we stopped at some store I wasn't allowed in.
So Mom and Daddy did something they've only done once before.
The left me in the car for a few minutes.
Mom unhooked my seatbelt so I could wander around the car,
but I didn't move from my box.
Instead, I stared down a dog that was in the back of a car straight ahead of me.

When Mom and Daddy returned, we drove to another place and parked.
Mom let me out of my 'car seat' here as well.

I wandered all over the car while Mom and Daddy snacked.

I was fascinated by strange people who kept going by
with wheels on their feet.
I've never seen humans move like that.

It was a pretty nice night.

Eventually, however, I got bored.

So we went home.
Then Mom and Daddy took me outside while
they did something with the car.

I didn't pay much attention to what they were doing.
I turned my attention to the upstairs windows.
There I could see Charlie, the Upstairs Tabby.
I asked him where Angel was.
He didn't answer.

So Mom took me to the patio side of the house.
I checked the upstairs window from this side.
Sure enough, there was Angel.

Now, there was a problem here that Mom didn't notice 
until she went to take off my harness.

Even from this picture it's difficult to tell.
Somehow, I had gotten my arm through the neck hole.
I sure was uncomfortable!

When Mom realized it, she kept apologizing.
She made it up to me by putting on my other harness and 
taking me for a proper nighttime reconnaissance.

She was disappointed, however, when I returned 
to that darn bird bush again.

"Whatever, Mom.  Are you sorry or not?"