Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dismal Outlook

Yesterday was Wednesday,
so I expected Mom to leave me eventually.
Much to my dismay, however, she left way
earlier than usual.
I saw her getting ready, so I went directly into
the lowest level of my box hotel.

I stayed there even when she offered to let me outside
for a little while before she left.
Well, in my defense, not only was Mom leaving early,
it was raining.

That's right.
I said it was raining.

Now you see?
Rain, Mom leaving early...I had every right to sit 
and mope in the lowest level of my box hotel.

After she left, hours and hours passed.
I played with Mimzy to try to stave off the boredom.

Once I had finished, I put her on my carpet scrap.

When Mom and Daddy came home,
I made sure they noticed.

I couldn't contain my excitement that they were home
and began running all over the house.

After a good romp, I asked Mom for a nighttime recon.

It was then that I realized the mistake I had made earlier.
I should have gone outside when she offered.
I should have enjoyed the patio despite the rain.
I should have, but I didn't.
Now it was a wet night and Mom was tired.

I didn't get to go outside at all.
Not once the entire day.

All I could do was curl up next to Mom on the couch.

There are times when I think I want to be outside 
more than I want to be with Mom.

This was not that time.