Sunday, September 14, 2014

Unsympathetic Me

Yesterday Daddy went to work again.
He doesn't usually do that on Caturday.
So Mom and I made the usual weekday rounds.

I enjoyed our time in the leasing office.

The usual Nice Ladies weren't there,
but I didn't care. 

We returned home and spent some time 
on the patio.
Then Nice Boy came over.

I'm beginning to get used to his presence again.
Although I still retreated into my box hotel for a bit.

After he went home, Mom and Daddy took me 
for a Caturday car ride.

I looked at the birds.

Then I looked at the fish.

Then we looked at the poor kitties that were hoping
to be adopted.

I don't get along with other kitties, so this was my reaction:

It's my usual response.

After a few good hisses I begin the growling phase;
no matter how cute and adorable the frisky kitten 
on the other side of the glass is.

"You're cute kid.  I'm sure some human will care, but I don't."

Mom's never happy with my attitude towards the poor kitties.

She took me away from them at let me check out the cat furniture.

One of these days, I'll convince them I'm worth the expense.

I guess I'll settle for my box hotel for now.

After we left the fun store, we went to the boring human store.
I had to ride in my bag, but I was chill.

Then we went to that place with the humans on wheels.
Mom and Daddy got something to drink and I 
got to wander around the car.

I enjoyed looking out the windows.

I relaxed in the backseat for awhile too.

When we came home, I got to go straight into a nighttime recon!

After that, Mom and Daddy went to the store for a bit.

When they returned, they finally settled down.

I tried to nap on Mom's lap for awhile,

but it just wasn't quite right for some reason.

So I moved to the back of the couch.

Still wasn't quite comfortable, but I think that's because 
I really wanted to play.  I was just napping out of boredom.