Thursday, September 4, 2014

Still Sulking

Yesterday I was still in a bad mood.
I let Mom know, on no uncertain terms, that I would 
NOT go to check the mail and visit the Nice Ladies in the office.

I pretty much ignored Mom all day.
Daddy came home early only to take Mom away.

It was Wednesday I suppose.
I didn't care.

I was home alone for hours.
I didn't even put Mimzy in my food bowl.

I just waited.

Then, the second Mom and Daddy came home,
I began to insist on a nighttime recon.

Mom, however, was noncompliant.

I kept meowing even when she tried to take a bath.

Eventually I gave up and sulked on the back of the couch.

I was very upset.

When my sulking seemed to have no effect,
I tried the cute ploy.

I kept one eye on Mom to see if she was buying it.

I didn't have much patience, though.

It was only a minute before I resumed my sulking.

Mom tried to reach out to me,
but I responded in the worst way possible.


I guess I blew it!

I tried to convince Mom that I had just wanted to play.
I pawed at my stick-and-string toy.

I guess she bought it,
because she picked up the toy.

We had a little fun together.

After she stopped playing, however,
I turned my restless attention to the rest of the house.

"Don't blame me if I get into something I'm not supposed to, Mom!"