Monday, September 22, 2014

Loneliness and Disappointments

My Caturday was lonely.
Mom and Daddy left me all day.
No, really.

When they finally came home I was happy to see them and all, 
but I was too sad to actually get up to greet them.

Once I had been reassured that they were actually home
and I wasn't dreaming, I began to insist on a nighttime recon.

Mom did take me out,

but it was very brief.
Apparently she was tired.

Auntie and Uncle came over and acted just as tired
as Mom and Daddy.
Obviously my humans were going to be of no use for the rest of the night.

So I was happy when Sunday turned out to be fairly normal.
The only variance was that Daddy went to work in the afternoon.
I didn't mind, though, because I slept through his absence.

Then, when Daddy came home and the sun began to set,
I got to enjoy some time outside.

I must say, it was a very nice sunset indeed!

This called for a good roll on the sidewalk.

When the sunset began to fade...

...I began to look for Angel.
I could see her humans up there.

Then finally she made an appearance!

I got as close as I could and began to call to her.

Mom still insists that I can't really see her from 
that angle, but she doesn't understand that sight
isn't the only sense in play here.

Auntie and Uncle once again came for a visit.
I sprawled out on the floor until they went home.

I remained there until Mom and Daddy became more active.
At which point I began to ask to go outside again.

Daddy went outside, but Mom didn't.
This left me in a bit of a quandary.

I wanted to be outside.
Daddy was outside.
But...but...Mom wasn't.

I paused at the door...

...until finally my desire for the outdoors won out over 
my desire to be with Mom.

I suppose this would do, but it's not a recon.
And besides, I looked and looked for Angel, but she
never showed up again.