Saturday, September 20, 2014

Well At Least I Saw Angel

Yesterday when we went to visit the 
Nice Ladies in the office, I wasn't feeling very social.

I stayed underneath my favorite chair.

When Mom finally let me go home, I was casual...
until I caught sight Angel, that is.

She saw me too!

(My apologies for Mom not being able to hold the camera steady.)

When evening came, a couple of the Teenagers came over.
I expected more, but it was only Quiet Boy and the girl
I shall henceforth call Darling Girl.

Then, to my surprise, Sarcastic Monday showed up as well.

I settled onto Mom's lap as we all watched some Doctor Who.

Occasionally I would wander, but inevitably 
returned to Mom's lap;

or at least near Mom.

When Mom moved to a different location I 
would sit and ponder how much I wanted to move.

Then eventually give in...

...and curl up next to her again.