Saturday, September 6, 2014

No Complaints

Yesterday I was more relaxed when we went to the office.

I even sat and watched things out the window.

Then Nice Lady 2 gave Mom a package that
had arrived for her.

Mom opened it and showed me what was inside.


A TARDIS I can get inside!

Sure, I hid under my chair for awhile,
but I also came out and sat next to it.

It was also a nice day for being outside.

When evening came, a couple of the teenagers came over.

I was O.K. with their company.
They went home earlier than usual.

After that I hung out with Mom and Daddy for awhile.

I also enjoyed my box hotel.

King of my castle.

Then I went into my room and played with my bag!

When I was finished, Mom gave me a nice ear rub.

Aww yeah!

A pretty good day if you ask me.